VNTB - Miscarriage of Justice in Phu Yen Province

Vo Van Tao (VNTB) Brave, whole-hearted, and described by many as a rare man of character, Vo An Don (Mr.), a lawyer defending victims of fl...

Vo Van Tao (VNTB) Brave, whole-hearted, and described by many as a rare man of character, Vo An Don (Mr.), a lawyer defending victims of flagrant abuses of power, was disbarred on November 26th, 2017, according to a decision made by 2/3 members of the Board of Phu Yen Bar-Association.

Those genuinely interested in the case of Ngo Thanh Kieu, a youth arrested, questioned and tortured to death by Tuy Hoa town police, are aware that initially Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Duc Hoan, local vice police chief, got away with the law. However, lawyer Vo An Don was determined to persistently do justice to the victim and his family. As a result, Col. Hoan was eventually dismissed, prosecuted, and sentenced to 9 months’ probation.

With regard to “sensitive” cases like this one, some senior officials within the Party would pull the strings actually. Here, directly involved was Nguyen Thai Hoc, Head of the Board of Internal Affairs of Phu Yen province. The incident has become public knowledge after an audio file was posted on the Internet with recording of Hoc’s embittered, blunt words wanting revenge for Don at any cost in a meeting of the Internal Affair in the presence of Department of Justice representatives and all members of the Bar-Association of the province. Furthermore, Don’s struggle for human rights of the lowest rank of society has always infuriated the local authorities concerned.

On the pretext of Don's Facebook postings and his replies to interviews on international media, the bitterly resentful officials distorted the truths he discovered, turning them into an act of “speaking ill of colleagues” and the related agencies. They had maneuvered the provincial Bar-Association to expel him from a small group of very few brave, whole-hearted lawyers defending victims of power abuses.

The spearheads reportedly involved in this dirty, mean revenge are Ngo Thien Phuong and Ngo Minh Tung, head and member of the Committee for Recommendation and Reward of the provincial Bar-Association. Nguyen Huong Que, Nguyen Tam Hoang of the Board of Phu Yen Bar-Association shamefully accepted the wrongdoing.

Under the law, Don is entitled to lodge a complaint about the above-mentioned decision at the National Bar-Association. Whether justice exists in Vietnam or not depends on the oncoming move of the authorities concerned.

In connection with the responsibility and jurisdiction in the case, the Ministry of Justice should consider this as an appropriate opportunity to prove that Vietnam is making an effort to become a law-abiding society as recommended, supported, and expected by the international community, especially in the context of Vietnam-Germany relation with the negative image of this country following the Trinh Xuan Thanh’s embarrassing incident.

Translated by Kate Chesterson 
Nguồn: VNTB


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